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Yes it will fit. It is a slightly better fit as far as width is
concerned on the 67/68 than on the 65/66. If you
already have the rear, that's one thing but if you need
to acquire it and then install it, I'd give that lots of
serious thought. A few detractors- everything Versailles
is now "old". Seriously old and hard to get. The caliper
design is a joke- in particular the e-brake provisions.
You have to modify the caliper internally if you ever
intend on having a useable e-brake. And on the outside,
just hooking up the cables is only half the battle. You
also need to fool around with the leverage ratio via
the equalizer bar - this is required because the Versailles
used a foot pedal for actuating the e-brake and the stang
uses a pull handle.
What a pain in the neck! If I hadn't have gotten mine for
$50 back in 1986, I wouldn't have bothered.

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