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I am recently new to the site, so hello to all.

I acquired a 66 fairlane last year, which was running until I blew a head gasket. I just pulled the motor yesterday, but I am looking to purchase a rebuilt 302 short block to replace it, rather than taking the time to rebuild.

As I have been reading, discussing and researching over the past month, I understand the varying degree of interchangeability among Ford parts, and why researching and planning an engine build is important, but I am still getting mixed information from different sources.

I have read about the differences between a roller block and pre85 non roller block and how a non roller can be converted to a roller, but my main question is in regard to the heads.

I want to go with an 85 or newer 5.0 roller block, with solid roller cam and roller lifters, but I want to put a pair of original 69 351W2V GT heads on it. I am being told by one mechanic they will not fit on a newer roller block, and another is telling me they will, because the heads have adjustable rockers and just need to change the pushrods.

Has anyone put vintage heads on a newer block? Problems? Solutions?
Also will my late 70's model C4 tranny bolt up to a newer block?

Thanks in advance.


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