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Looking for an upgrade grille for my '64. I'm not looking for n-o-s, mint, perfect ....just a very decent one that doesn't have dings/dents/gouges, ok if it has polish-able scratches, nice straight bars, still has some anodize left on her. I can flip the ornament from mine, and have done my share of black touch-up on the bar dividers, so none of that is a biggie.

Willing to pay for a nice one (gulp I stepped into that one!, lol) -just let me know what ya got, how much and if you can ship it securely? (or if we live close enough, can we meet or ?) No big hurry, my grille isn't killing me -yet, lol.

ps: yep, I watch ones on ebay, CL, etc ....

PM me, call me, ...or I can contact you.

Thanks ! Norm in west metro Minnesota
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