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Wanted (please don't laugh) 400 FMX Block

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Fellow Ford Musclers
I am looking to buy a 400M FMX (small block pattern) block, hopefully in virgin (previously unbored) condition, but will consider ANY 400M FMX block. If anyone knows of anyone who has such a block for sale or would contemplate selling for the right price, or can perhaps put me on to parts finder/parts search websites that could locate such a block, would be most appreciated.
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They actually made 2 diffrent 400 blocks? Or are you confused as to what you really want?

Not that I'm all knowing but I've never heard of an FMX block...
It will be difficult to find-
D1AZ 6015-A2C

The rumor I have heard (and makes the most sense IMO) is that they had a slew of FMX's left and they were trying to get rid of those. But it might also be possible that they were intending to have the new block fitted with either bell pattern and then decided to go with the 385 pattern once the demise of the 351C was decided. The same was done with the 1968 LINC 460 that had the 385 pattern and the earlier 430/462 modified FE pattern.

More logical is that they used the rear mold of the 351C on the 400 at introduction and once it was decided the 351C was to be discontinued went to the 385 pattern to save costs.

The 351C tooling went to FORD of AUSTRALIA.

385 Pattern Bell-FMX
There is no bell for a large bolt pattern 351M/400 to SBF trans type. He would be limited to whatever is available for the 385 Series bell pattern. This is why this block is so desirable. Pantera enthusists are one group that this would be popular with.
KULTULZ, I dont know eacatly what your saying here but I have a bellhousing off a 77 Ford F-250 that had a 400 in it. I am using this bellhousing on my 400 and its mated to a Tremec TKO 600. The only modification to the trans is a shortened input shaft to fit a stock bellhousing.

Maybe you had better tell me where I have you confused as I am now confused myself.

On a side not all 77-82 Ford Trucks with a 400 or a 351M with a standard had a bellhousing that would fit a SBF trans. They have the same bolt pattern. I am also using the flywheel that came from the same truck.
Now I am really confused. The bellhousing I showed was a 460 that would accept an FMX. I thought that was the direction the discussion was going in.
I was just saying that there is a small block trans pattern bellhousing out there. One thing I have leanred about Ford is neer say never. If you can dream it Ford has done it.
OEM 4V intake for a 351M/400? :)

The FMX block also had the small block engine mount pattern. There are a couple of reasons they are sought after. But thanx for the info... :D
The OEM 4V 400 intake does exist, I have seen pics of it.
Now you know I am going to ask you to document that statement don't you? ;)
The FMX block also had the small block engine mount pattern. There are a couple of reasons they are sought after. But thanx for the info... :D
Let me clarify this statement, it seems my lips got in the way of my eye teeth and I could not see what I was saying...

In additin to the SBF bell mounting pattern, the 400 FMX block also has the SBF engine mount pattern.
Just to pu t the nail in the coffin on this issue. There was a factory 400 4V intake.
...unh hunh... I see....

Say... You have time for a cup of coffee? I am going to have one to wash down this slice of humble pie...

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Aftermarket 4V intakes are readily available, it is OEM that is rare. I have heard rumors over the years but he showed me the real thing.
You are not questioning the existence of a 385series pattern bell housing for a c-4 are you, I have one in my garage now. I guess that is what I am reading here.
I have seemed to cause a lot of confusion...nothing new... :(

I was trying to explain the desirability of the 400 FMX block vs. the 400 385 Series patterned block. I understand the availability of bells for the 385 pattern.

Sorry to cause confusion.
I have heard a couple of these stories as well. The one that seems to hold the most water was about a fleet of 77 LTD II cop cars sent to a midwestern Police agency. As the story goes the engines were junk and the blocks kept cracking so they junked the lot of them. The reason it seems to hold water is that around the same time a Police agency in California got a fleet of these cars but with the the 2bbl manifold etc.

As denoted by the XE casting number this manifold is a experimental and was never ment to see the light of day as far as public use. Still I wonder how many were cast and on what cars or trucks they were tested on.
Completely plausable. I have also heard of a limited release of 4V BRONCOS. Hard to distinguish between fact and wives tales but you have the first proof I have ever come across... ;)

Most likely most were scrapped as no one realized their value.
Please disregard the second pic, it is of a 351C with a holly flange on it.
Can I get the Casting I.D. No. and Date Code off that manifold?
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