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I have a car listed for sale on this site and a couple others. I received an email from a "propective buyer" yesterday morning. After I replied with further details about the car, I received the following email from a scammer who did not want my car, but rather was attempting to steal $4000 from me.

Watch out for jerks like this!

The following email was sent by: [email protected]

Thank you for your response,after discussing
with my client who really commended your vechicle
instructed to move on with the deal at the price of
($2,750),he said he will be going on a vacation soon
and will rest virtually all the transaction on my
shoulder and assign a shipper like wise that i will
work with and stressed that he will be issuing out a
cashier check of ($6,750) which was a refund payment
of a cancelled order earlier made by him but
will be filed in your name,you are only required to
deduct the cost of your vechicle($2,750) and
send the differece ($4,000) when payment gets to you to a
shipping agent whoose information will be given to
you as at when due, he will be needing the fund to
offset shipping charges, taxes and other cosmetic
repairs/touches,the agent will be responsible for
signing andtransferin! g of title paper and also pickup.
So i require of you to send me your NAME,ADDRESS AND
PHONE NUMBER for payment to be delivered to you via
fedex courier services All other information needed
in completion of this transaction will be given to
you in due time.

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I got a check for $20,000 for my windage tray! I looked great going through the shredder.

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why not get the check and take it to the bank. You'll have the guy's address if your shipping him the car. When the bank finds out the guys check is bogus they'll go after him, or, since the check will be in your name, bring it to the bank and have them go after the sender for fraud.

These scams are so rediculous to begin with, there are plenty of ways to scam people out of money without making it completely obvious of what you're trying to do.

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That's indeed a good read Admin... Funny as hell!

I can't believe anyone really falls for crap like this.. I mean the feller can't properly assemble his sentences, misspells, Etc... If someone has a $10,000 dollar mnotor you better bet yer arse that the idiot can read and write properly.... car's like that do get picked up and sold by education-less idiots...


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A scammer responded to my 78 cougar with the same kind of thing. Before any deal could start rolling though, he said he needed all MY infor such as address and phone #. Yeah, ok. I responded with CAR IS SOLD.
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