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1967 Galaxie 500 2Dr
Block = FE 390 - #816 (4/16/1968 I believe)
Heads = Truck heads - #D2TEAA / 203 / 4E2 - (1972 I believe)
Intake = Truck Intake - #7F13 / C7TE 9425-E - (1967 I believe)

When I received this car, there was water in the oil. Engine is now out of the car, pistons, cam, heads and intake removed, crank still in.

We performed the following test:
- heads back on and torqued to spec with head dowels in place
- intake back on and torqued to spec
- water pump back on
- Pressurized the water jacket with garden hose input - 30 PSI maybe
- RESULT = Steady water drip/leak from the crank oil passages

Not very happy!
Seems to be an internal crack. Any other ideas?

And/or, anyone know where to get a 360/390 short block for a good price?


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we're thinking this is the cause:

If it's not a gasket leak (intake or head) then it's probable one of the oil galleys that feeds
the heads from the #2 and #4 cam bearings could have cracked. It happens sometimes.
They run very close to the head bolts. It wont show up when magnafluxed. Sometimes you
can coat the head bolt liberally with RTV and it'll seal up.
If not then you can also sleeve the oil galley with a 300 16 pushrod cut to the right length.
You want to make sure you don t make contact with the cam bearing. You can use anything
(like a coathanger) to check the depth of the hole. you'll find a lip where the dia.
decreases, that's the length you need. Some people have used a 1/4" roll pin to do the
same thing. The oil galley dia. can vary a little and it should be a press fit so you just have
to use some type of tubing to make that happen, you get the idea.
Probable cause and repair options are listed in order of things to check and solutions to
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