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Has anyone here used water methanol injection without a supercharger? I used to see my father filling up a tank in his old pickup with washer fluid and I never even thought about it back then. It had a line that ran to a solenoid and then to a fitting on the intake manifold. He used it on a non turbo engine and did so for many years!? I think he used it because he always pulled heavy loads uphill on cheap gas.
I want to use it to supplement the crappy fuel here on the Oregon Coast. I hear it works by lowering the volatility and the temperature of the fuel. It also works by absorbing heat in the combustion chamber and thus preventing the possibility of the deadly engine knock!! Fuel that's harder to burn is better and is not as susceptible to pinging. It give a better esplosive burst of energy when it does explode. Several vehicles used water injection during and before the war so I guess it can be done? But to what benefit?
Tell me I'm right or wrong in this? I am looking for opinions.
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