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water pump

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long time fan of this forum and first time poster. i'm trying to convert a 1999 roller 302 for use in a '65 . i've swapped out the timing chain cover for a ford motor sports M-6059-D351 universal cover so i can use a standard rotation v-belt pump. now i can't find an aluminum water pump w/ passenger side inlet w/ 5 1/8" flange to hub depth to fit this cover so i can use my old pulleys and match the radiator outlet. surely i'm not the first person to do this. any advice would be much appreciated. thanks.
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thanks to all who replied. turns out that Flow Kool makes and aluminum version of both early water pumps. i'm using the one with the cast in impellor housing and steel backing plate. it matches my timing chain cover, is the same from flange to hub, and the inlet is on the passenger side. i'm using the 50 oz. universal balancer from ford motor sports. according to the folks at ford all my pulleys and brackets should line up. i now have all the parts and hope to find out soon.
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