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Weekend 489 build pics - Intake manifold day :)

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Guys, here is the intake, I decided to cut the plenum divider a bit as I said before. You'll see a little water here and there, with all my grinding it took some serious washing to get rid of the aluminum and phenolic dust

With a 489 and ported heads on a dual plane (although it is ported) I also felt it would like more plenum so I took a 4 hole spacer and opened it up to be an almost exact match to the intake. This will let it pull from both planes, but still matches perfectly where an open spacer may cause turbulance where it didnt match up on the edges

Then I had to fit my ballast resistor / surge protector mount. I had already built this and ran it on the single plan intake, but it took some tweaking

Keep in mind, the nuts under the throttle cable bracket will be replaced with a spacer. Also, I made it this way (with a spacer) so that if I change or eliminate the carb spacer, I dont need to rebuild the bracket\

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