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just noticed this section, had to say a little about RP Synchromax oil...

when my 06 mustang was a couple years old, powershifting at the strip kinda hurt my second had 15~20k on it, probably only 20-30 passes at the track, but I was beatin on it pretty bad, shifting on the revlimiter- wasnt the fastest passes, but fun as heck...anyway, one day grabbing second was like hitting a stop in the tranny, with the very quick blip on the clutch, adding insult to injury, ground second so hard I'm sure everyone in the stands cringed or laughed- and after that at even 4000 it would not shift, often locked out even just driving normal to work, second felt extremely rough thru the shifter, etc...
someone on themustangsource forums suggested trying RP oil...figured would be a waste of time for a hurt gearbox, but what the heck, had put up with it for several months, was getting tired of not being able to hit second without trying 2-3 times...
So, went to Summit and picked it up- was a little sticker shocked at the price, but what the heck...the original oil was clean, no smell, drained thru a coffee filter looking for metal, only a couple tiny specs came out...put in the RP, and took a quick jaunt to the store- WHAT a difference! Second still felt notchy as heck, but the darn thing would just about fall into third- I had missed third pretty easy with the kinda rubbery shifter in there- not any more, smooth as silk...went ahead and drove around town for maybe a hour, lots of start/stop/second shifts, and in that hour second just got better/better/better than new.
that oil is amazing in the mustang 5 speeds, would expect similar results in most others too, they aint all that different.
I dunno if the synchro had just glazed over or what, but that oil fixed not just a balky tranny, but also made it better than ever...I try not to beat on it as hard at the track, its actually faster shifting a little earlier anyway, 13.78 @ 103 was best ever got, bone stock- but that oil makes shifting faster easy :)

I'm sold on it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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