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What 4 speed

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What 4 speed came in the 63/ 260/ 4sp.? Was it a top loader?
I'm going to look at a car that the owner says has the factory 4 sp. with the 260 repl. with a 302,"but the work was done previously". To me that's just a general disclaimer that if you find something fishy,I didn't do it. Is there anything obvious that will I.D. what it is?


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The 4 speed wasn't available in the Fairlane until 1964.
The data plate on the driver's door will indicate the original transmission.

1-three speed manual
3-two speed automatic

My 63 came with a T10. In 64 they changed to a narrow bolt pattern toploader.
He says it was a 260, not K code.
I bought a '63 Sport Coupe in 1970. It was an original 260, 4-speed, 8 inch rear. The 4 speed was a Borg warner T-10.
The Top Loader wasn't available until '64 like K code said.

Two '63 Fairlanes, One '72 Gran Torino Sport, One '68 Comet Sport Coupe and a 64 Falcon Sprint--where will it end?

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On 2006-03-12 06:27, EdsBlue64 wrote:
He says it was a 260, not K code.
I saw that after I posted. Thanks
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