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Have an old 92ish 5.0 pickup motor at a machine shop getting worked on right now.
Want to build this thing to something very similar to a 5.0HO.

While out junkyarding last weekend, I ran across a block from an 88ish
mustang GT. I bought it for the flywheel and balancer.

Took the thing apart and it has a cam that appears to be in great shape.

I am just not sure what it is

#s on the rear of the cam
(?)250 (a sideways mushroom)E303

Base circle approx. 1.405
Overall height approx. 1.712

Somewhere I read a stock HO cam would be about .25 lift.
This one is about .31

Looking to have a car with a smooth idle and nice street manners---but still make me grin when I dump the clutch.

Going into a 65 Ranchero

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That's one of Ford's performance cams for the 5.0. You can look it up on Summit racing. I can't remember all the specs but the lift is .498 which is close to what you measured.
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