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I have a 63' Wagon the exterior is Ming Green, the interior is this bronze/gold thing.. I have been winging it for color, I just got a rattle can of gold and did a OK job on the aftermarket kick panels. But now I am going to paint the center console and would like to get it right. The seats are not right or original to the car but better than the roll-tuck similiar to the door panels that was on the bench. I am curious what the interior door metal and the dash is so I can duplicate on the console.. The console is currently wrapped in black viynal. So I am gonna remove the shinny bits and take the biynal off and prep and paint. Maybe even powder coat if I can get a exact paint match.
See my FB link for photo

I think its either Medium Gold Metallic or Medium Green Metallic? I am thinking the Medium Gold..
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