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What does it take to twist a 65/66 Mustang

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The idea for this post came from Blstangs post about subframe connectors.

I installed weld-in sub frames back in the 80's because of the horror stories that you would hear from time to time. Problem is I have never actually seen this happen first hand.

I imagine some of you must have first hand experience. Please tell the rest of us slow pokes how much power it takes to tweak one of these early Mustangs when you don't have a full cage, and what starts distorting first?
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On 2006-03-06 14:40, ckelly wrote:
Power? How about just putting a floor jack under one front control arm. Two of the early Mustang's we've had would deform enough to cause the opposite side door to rub the jam somewhere.
It was a pain to open and close the doors on my '65 fastback when the front was jacked up before subframe connectors.
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