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What should I do for ignition on my roller 331 build?

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I have been considering getting a Performance Distributors DUI or MSD distributor or reusing the stock unit with Petronix. I would like to get opinions on which of these would be best for my application. It will be in a '70 mustang that is street only.
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Ford Duraspark triggering the Multispark box of your choice,the Duraspark can be wired direct or through the Duraspark module.I think this is a very sound set up with easy to get parts if needed and a choice of easy to get caps etc, the single part female cap or the two part with HEI lead connectors.You can get a rebuilt cast iron/steel gear distributor and go from there.I'm a firm believer in making the most of Ford parts,These are still used on the crate engines and theres sweet all different between the MSD magnetic guts and the Ford one.......
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