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What would you suggest?

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I am considering buying a 1965 Ford Ranchero, with a 3 speed automatic, its top speed is about 65 mph @ 3.2 rpm on the fwy (that is the maintained speed). That is slow by new car standards, I want it to cruise at 65-80 mph at a low rpm. I want it to ride on the fwy well. I have been suggested Vender Gear but it cost $3,500.00 plus so that doesn't make sense financially.

It has 4.11 gearing in the reared. What would you suggest?
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Just put in a 3.00 rear ratio.
You are SURE it's got 4.11:1's in it? That's awful low for a 3 speed auto car.

anyway, get 2.75:1 or 3.00:1 and go with it.

That gear vendor stuff is ridiculous.
Agreed. Or, keep your 4.11s and install an overtrive transmission (for far less than a new GV) to have lower highway rpms and keep your acceleration also. BTW - good used GV overdrives average in the $400-800 range depending on model.

Go with what FE said, 2:79 or 3:00 the rest are to low for a c-4 trans. I have a 3:55 in my 62 wagon and it is way to low for hwy. crusing.(3,000 to 3,200 rpm at 65-70 mph). Drives me crazy.

Butch Evans(Falconeer)
Thomasville NC
... I have a 3:55 in my 62 wagon and it is way to low for hwy. crusing.(3,000 to 3,200 rpm at 65-70 mph). Drives me crazy.
Thank God you didn't buy a factory muscle car with 3.50-4.11 gears or even a typical '60s pickup truck - you might have hung yourself or something.
Back then gas was 30-35 cents a gal. At 25-26 years old didn't give a damn. Thank GOD i am older with a grasp on reality. And my tolerance level is a little lower, and my pockets are a little fater. Wont to get there as cheap as possible. Don't like all that noise on a long trip.

Butch Evans
Thomasville NC
What would you suggest?
You have 2 options:

1. Put higher gears in it. It should have a 8" rearend. Silly simple to change the pumpkin to 2:79 or 3:00 (people will often give them away free)

2. Put an overdrive tranny in it. a T-5 would be my choice or an AOD if you want to keep the automatic. More expensive.
Thank all of you for your help. The 1965 Ford Ranchero turned out to be a disappointment. I am still looking of a 1964-1965 good looking Ford Ranchero, it has to be white or maybe red, I want it to be a great truck in and out, un modified, headers & exhaust system is good. Not afraid to travel to get the right truck. Their is a cold beer finder fee paid for locating the right truck. I am in Los Angeles.
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