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What would you suggest?

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I am considering buying a 1965 Ford Ranchero, with a 3 speed automatic, its top speed is about 65 mph @ 3.2 rpm on the fwy (that is the maintained speed). That is slow by new car standards, I want it to cruise at 65-80 mph at a low rpm. I want it to ride on the fwy well. I have been suggested Vender Gear but it cost $3,500.00 plus so that doesn't make sense financially.

It has 4.11 gearing in the reared. What would you suggest?
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Thank all of you for your help. The 1965 Ford Ranchero turned out to be a disappointment. I am still looking of a 1964-1965 good looking Ford Ranchero, it has to be white or maybe red, I want it to be a great truck in and out, un modified, headers & exhaust system is good. Not afraid to travel to get the right truck. Their is a cold beer finder fee paid for locating the right truck. I am in Los Angeles.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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