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Go fast is very relative and cheap is sort of relative too. In general, go fast and cheap don't belong in the same sentence except for ones like this.

500 horses takes around 5 grand or more just about anyway you shave it. You can build up a small block and spray it with 150 horses for around 5 thousand bucks. A blower or turbo setup would cost more. You can also build up a mild big block with a blower for around $5500 to $6000. Of course thats not all the cost because you have ignition, fuel system, chassis, gears and tires to address too. You should be able to build A typical 11 second car for around 10 to 12 grand.

You always hear stories of cheap/fastcars. Theres a Chevelle at my track that runs high 11's and claims its a $600 motor. I stare at it and see the electric water pump and fan, Griffin radiator, MSD ignition and distrib, Holley 750 dp, Ebrock intake, Dart heads, Supercomp headers and they also got a rebuild kit for it and I just can't see $600 there.

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