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whats the best combo? Lots of questions

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I have a68 mustang coupe with a 302 4speed and want to go as fast as possible for as little as possible this is not a race car but isn't a daily driver either.It runs mid 13s as is.Ihave access to all ford motor families other than the cleveland.A351 windsor would probably be the most logical as its an easy swap but I have this bunch of 428and FE parts.But then again I've got this 429 thunderjet and a 460 crank.But then again you can really make those small blocks go these days.You see my dillema?
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I guess what I was looking for was some input on which of these engine families do people think is the most value per dollar.That would include the price of the swap(if its's a big block) and reliability.I want to run just motor with no power adders just your basic bolt ons.So let me hear from you.Anybody swapped in an FE or a385 series from their smallblock.How much better did it go? Did it live?How much did it cost.Remember I live in Canada so parts cost about 50% more up here.
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