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Wheel and Tire Fitment

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I'm looking to get a set of Torq Thrust IIs for my 66 Coupe and am having a hard time deciding what size to get.

I know I want either 16s or 17s because of brake fitting issues. What do you think?

I'm reading the biggest I can get on the
front is a 16x7 with a 225/50R16 or a 17x7 with a 205/50/ZR17. The biggest I can get on the rear is a 17x8 with a 235/45ZR17 or a 16x8 with a 225/50R16.

I've seen cars with 17x8 and 16x8 on all 4 corners. How do they do this? Every Mustang magazine I've read says that a 7" width is the largest you can go on the front. I'd like to get 8" width rims for all 4 wheels.

I've got a set(4) of 15x7 style steel wheels for sale. I only used them for 1000 miles. Have BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires mounted and balanced. The entire package is essentially brand new. Check out my add in the classifieds if you're interested.
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See the Shelby Clone up in the page header?? That's me, running 16x8 all around!!!

You can run a 16x8 4.5" backspace with a 225/50-16 with some mods......

1) With Global West or TCP controls arms, you will be fine
2) With the Pro-Motorsports negative wedge kit, you will PROBABLY be OK
3) SOME 65-66 cars are getting by with just the Shelby drop, but "the moons must align" just right for this to work with no rubbing!!!

17" are actually an EASIER fit, because the wheel rim is above the ball joint, meaning you can run 4.75" backspace, which gives you a little more clearance.

If you have non-stock brakes, be aware that some aftermarket kits push the wheel further out in the wheelwell by 1/4"-3/8", like my Wilwoods did!!!
I'm still running 16x8 (4.5" BS), but I had to step down 1 tiresize to get 100% "no-rub". Be sure to compensate for your brakes BEFORE ordering wheels!!!
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I'm leaning more toward 16x8s but I currently only have 620lb springs without a shelby drop. The TCP coil kit is in my mind for the future but not yet.

My brake problems are starting actually coming from the rear. On the front I have a Granada disc brake setup which clears my 15x7 fine. It's my new explorer disc brake kit on my rearend that's interfering.

What about 16x7 rims? Will I have any interference problems with those?
Go to and look under features and they will have a gallery full of 65-66 Mustangs running 17x8....they also have a tire chart somewhere in there.
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