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Wheel Stud Sizing

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Bought new wheels for my 66, but need some longer wheel studs for the front.
Being new to the wheel stud choosing market, can anyone offer me any help as to what size fits my car?
Its a v8, front drums (but switching to a baer kit soon), just need them a bit longer.

EDIT: Ok, so i found out tha the information that I really need is the length of the knurl that is on a 66 v8

Thanks in advance.


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If they're not factory ones, call the brake company you got them from and ask them. Otherwise you'll have to just knock one out and measure it.
Im looking for the stock knurl size for a 66 v8 drum brake car.

Its looking like im gonna have to knock one out and measure with a micrometer.

Should I measure the outside diameter of the current stud's knurl when I extract it or meaasure the inside diameter of the hole it fills for best measurement?
Measure the studs knurl itself. The sizes are far enough apart it'll till you want it is. I've had the book say .625 and the stud be .565, so go with the stud itself.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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