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wheel/tire max (65 galaxie)

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Pardon me - My Galaxie is only 2 weeks old, so I'm new. I read up on amost all the posts here on the subject of wheels but still can't quite pick up the key points about what will fit and what won't. Is the fatness the main thing or the tallness, or the offset?

I'm asking a general question but it was brought on because I found a good deal on a set with 4 1/2" lugs and a 4 1/8 BS which seems good. Two of the wheels are 15 x 7" but two are 15x10" . Would that look weird on a family sedan?

Maybe more to the point, would the big ones even fit? It would probably mean a 255 mm tread minimum, and I got the idea here that those could rub or make it tough to change a flat.

What aspect ratio would I need to get that 10" wheel to slip on smoothly into my 1965 (drums)? And what should I watch out for in getting the front tires so the whole look is not weird?

Thanks for the help
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i doubt itll fit. for 10 in. rims i think youd need at least 5.5in backspacing or something in that area
mines a 65 4 door, but getting the 16x7's- 255-50-16's(I still need to verify that size though!) under even was kinda tight- would have to really jack up to get room to tip under the fenderwell- and being 16's you get that extra half inch when rim hits the drum too...66 and up have lots more room as rear arch is considerably higher...When I put these on, I was thinking- could be a problem down the road, carry an extra bottle jack, and can of fix-a-flat...still need to make up a foam insert to hide safely on trunk floor- I saw what happened to a buddies paint job when he cut a corner hard with stuff in his trunk...eew.

On the 65's especially,getting them to clear for driving,might not be same as for changing with jack...
See my post in the rim and tire database thread. that should help you out a little.
Thanks folks. I think I will blow off the wheel deal (though I loved the Cragars). Your description of the troubles a 10" wheel can cause was what I needed. I have a lot of projects for this car and I didn't want to start off with a problem!
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