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where to buy 31 spline axles?

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wheres a good place to buy 31 spline axles at a good price??
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Superior, Strange, Moser. Summit and Jegs Rep all of these MFG's or ou can buy direct.
Currie down in Orange or Anaheim. Not cheep but good.
i looked in summit and jegs and couldnt find any for a 68 galaxie
You wil have to call them and give them your measurements, they will have them made for you. Galaxie axels are not off the shelf items.

Try this guy, he's a Ford Rear End nut and should be able to help you better than the Chevy Guys at Summit or Jegs since your not real sure what you need. Bud @ Cotinental Competition 1-724-439-4189 He may even have a stock axle for you if thats all your looking for.
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oops sorry that's just 8.8 stuff.

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