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Just took my '64 Galaxie Convertible on the maiden ride after almost 3 months of on/off work completely rebuilding the front end (including a new 1" sway bar and ditching the "easy rider" offset control arm mount), new rear springs and sway bar, all new power steering hoses, and converting it to 4 wheel power disc brakes from 4 wheel manual drums.

Wow...what a difference. It's almost...well...nimble! Even though I have yet to have a front end alighnment, it tracks straight as an arrow, car turns when you turn the wheel, and it lost the wander-y/float-y feel down the road (the 17" tires also helped a bit). Once I burned in the brakes, the car comes to a quick stop with minimal brake pressure.

All the work cost me about $2 grand in parts, but it was well worth it. It's even more of a joy to drive and I feel a whole lot safer.

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