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which carburetor?

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Looking for advice on which carb to use on 390 gt. I am installing FPA headers, edelbrock performer rpm cam and intake, pypes dual exhaust. Otherwise the rest of the motor is stock. I was thinking of the Holley street avenger series or the edelbrock avs model. I know alot of people who have installed holley but none that have tried the edelbrock.
thanks for your input.

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I've got the Holley 670 Street Avenger on my 302 with a dual plane intake, it's definitely a little too big but that size should work great on your car. Its reliable and I like it, but when you nail it and the secondaries suddenly open it hesitates for a second (used a light spring, the heavier spring didn't seem to open the secondaries much at all). I've adjusted everything on that carb and the bottom line is it's just a little too big.
A friend of mine has the Edelbrock carb on his 440 Barracuda, somewhere between 750 and 850 I'm not sure, it runs great and is very very fast, can't imagine a Holley would be any better it runs so good. If I did it again I'd go with the Edelbrock just because I've heard the street driving traits of it are better than the Holley and after riding in his car I believe it.
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looking through the old posts and found this one, if you haven't made a choice yet, i reccomend the edelbrock, as i have a holly on my performert intake and have the same hesitation problems as dbiscayne has with his. i'm switching over to a edelbrock 5
The hesitation problem is almost always from too much carb. A 670 is way too much for a stock 302 but would make a excellent match for a 390 depending on the cam. Holleys from what I've seen run better times than a Carter if the owner resists the urge to go for too much CFM.
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