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Which cars/trucks/vans came with 351?

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Was wonderin which cars or trucks or vans came with a 351. i need a c4 (70-81) transmission and bellhousing (164 tooth) for a 351 but dont know which cars to look for at the junk yard.
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351 W came out in 1969, in the Mustang. 351 C came out in 1970, in Mustang. The 351 M is a different animal, found in 1981 - 1992(?) trucks, Broncos and large some sedans.

You could, can and will find the 351 w in just about everything Ford made. Happy hunting. Old vans, LTD, cop cars and taxi's are all good candidates.

351 W were installed from 1970 - early 1997; until the mod motors (5.4 Liter) came out..somewhere around mid-1997 (?).

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i was never aware the 351M came with a c4. and i thought the 351c and 351w had the same bellhousing so it wouldnt matter either way i put it. so, anyone know?
My mistake...your question seemed to be asking about 351 engines.

Since your most important topic is about transmission... might try posting your question in the C-4 transmission forum, it is specific to C-4 issues. Good luck!
I think you can use the 157 tooth bell and 28 oz flexplate on a 351. The actual transmission doesn't care what its behind, C4's were used behind every small block ford ever made at one time or another in various applications. 351M and 400 engines used a 385 series big block bolt pattern on the bell, they never got C4's, that I'm aware of. Look behind 289, 302, 351W, and 351C to find a bellhousing and matching C4, post 1970 preferably. 351W and C were also available with a C6 if thats more to your liking.
I don't know about a 351W, but if you use a small bell C4 and a 157 tooth flexplate on a 351C, the stock big starter will not clear the pan rail.

In 77 and 78, Ford put a C4 behind the 351M in some cars. It's a pan fill model and the bell will bolt to the case and not the pump. The bell has a big block pattern where it bolts to the engine. I have one that came from a 78 T-bird.
There are any number of members of this board that have C-4's behind 429/460 or stroker 385 engines. (Not my choice, but it is justified in the idea that the C-4 is more efficent, absorbs less horsepower than the C-6. I prefer the more robust C-6). They came in several 3/4 vans.

One of the more famous C-4's behind a BBF bellhousing bolt pattern is a 63 Galaxie owned by Greg Cook (a very knowlegable car builder and restoration Guru, no longer a regular contributor).

As you know, the most numerous 351M and 400 blocks have the same bellhousing pattern as the BBF - 370/429/460. But there are/were a few examples that were made with the sbf bellhousing on the 351M block. These too can be found in junk yards, if you are looking for them and know what to look for. So, yes...there are stock applications of C-4 behind the 351M.

Open ended questions recieve generic answers. No intent to provide erroneous info, but sometimes you just can't anticpate what the OP really wanted from what was asked.
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351w is the engine i was referring to
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