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Hi all,

So now that I have my brakeing issues fixed, it is now time to fix the minor issues that you often see on a project car. The WTF is that there for!?!, or the WTH is this trick!?! We all have seen those.

So mine was a glob of orange silicone with a bit of what seemed to be pizza box slapped up against the rear of the block beteen the intake and block on my 390 :confused:. Humm, that is interesting said coal, ya better see what that is covering up. So i removed it and discovered why it was there. Oil leaking out, down the block, and making a mess everywhere. There was orange silicone on the valve cover gaskets as well, makes ya wonder who was truning wrenches on this last.

Anyway, I have the new fel-pro gaskets and a tube of RTV silicone to do the job right.:tup: I noticed that the gaskets that go between the head and intake have a lip formed around each port. Does the lip side face the head, or the intake? I have done this before on another 390, I just seem to remember the gaskets saying "this face toward head" on them.

I do not have it tore apart yet, so it may be a self evident answer once it is. But I dont want to get into a bind, so knowing all I can before I start is good.

As always, thanks for the insight.

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