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why im replacing my c4, should i be?

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well, i had a 6 cyl. c4 and i dropped a 347 engine in about 1,000 miles ago. about 300 miles ago i added a B&M shift improver kit- but it seemed to destroy my tranny by staying in gear too long and free-revving between shifts...
so im told that v8 c4's are built differently and i have a friend who had an extra sitting around. so today im taking mine out, rebuilding the v8 c4 that i got and putting it in sometime this weekend.

is the 6cyl/ v8 C4 different?

should i put the shift improver kit from the 6cy tranny into the v8 tranny, or just rebuild the v8 C4?

anything i should look out for?

thank you for taking the time, i appreciate it...
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rebuild the V8 tranny.... Dont put a bad kit in a good tranny.... UNless you get a new kit.

ohh, btw- the reason i am replacing it is because i got on the freeway and the car came out of gear and wouldn't go back into gear!
i just dropped the pan and just as i expected the filter is clogged and there is a thick metalic sludgein the pan...

i also have an external cooler from B&M, but i have no idea if its working or not...
flush all the crud out of the cooler before you reuse it.
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don't forget to get your converter flushed as well if your using the same one,the "sludge" will go all through everything,its a good idea to run an external magnetic filter as well,i also have three in my trans pan to hold any metallic particles that go by. (magnets) the cleaner and cooler you can keep your fluid the longer your tranny will last.
i was planning on flushing the converter, but i didn't even concider the external cooler... i'll do that
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I would not use a B&M shift kit. Use one from Broader Performance or Transgo.
If you've got metal in there, time to take a good, hard look to see what went wrong. Never know...might be a converter problem.
i got a TCI rebuild kit and am almost done with rebuilding the V8 tranny.
when i take the 6 cly tranny out i'll take it apart and take a gander
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