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widening rear wheel wells 1964 ford fairlane sports couple

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going to start widening project on my rear wheel wells of my 1964 ford fairlane gonna move the wheel well back to the frame rail to gain the extra 2 inches any info and insite would be appreciated to get any rim 8 or 9.5 will not fit without reliving the area i had the axel housing cut down an inch on each side to center a wheel and used wheel simulator but it still needs to move over pictures of the job and info will be helpful for my research thanks
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the inside i can fit outside picture doesn't show a good picture how close it was i measured about 1/2-3/4" with out a tire which would be closer or rubbing would have needed custom offset and frame modded and wheel well
im almost at the painting underhood part hopefully this weekend then the wheel well project will be underway only 5 or 6 months behind where i was hoping to be
getting started but dont have a lot of time today hopefully by the end of week ill have it looking further along
i have been debating on fixing the old wheel well that has some crappy repair done to it or make new inner wheel wells i think i will make one out of cardboard and see how it fits and looks i know it will not look factory but the floor above the rear suspension was also replaced ??
looking for some outer wheel wells but will probably end up making them too
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