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Wifes new 2 us Concord W/pic..update 2/27/06

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232 I-6 , 1b carb, 4spd OD tranny (shifter a little slopie like a truck gets (top loader I think) You can go to above 60 in 3rd and its not even screaming. In 4th your idleing at about 35mph.
Well the plugs I pulled looked good so the guy must have been telling the truth about it leaking not burning the oil (3/4 qt per change). I did find the valve cover bolts realy lose I tightened them and it doesn't show any signs of leaking now.. (Click on the pic for big img.)

the outside looks good and streight it has been painted as the front is a different color than the back (slightly). But no signs of body damage now.

the inside looks OK a small rip in the driver side of the seat and a small rip in the driver side carpet.

motor not to bad usual stuff. it was realy oilly so I claened it up some and replaced the PCV breather hose (which was missing and most likely caused all the oil in the motor bay..

Any coments execpted

61 Merc. Comet, 200 3spd.
1964 International 4door, short box W/466

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I'd drop in a 401 or something but I like the car too.
Had a '78 and it was a great car! Run it just like it is. You won't be disappointed. I just bought a '63 American hardtop with buckets and console! Six automatic and it will stay like that if the engine is OK.

Mr. Ed
Those valve covers are well known leakers. Just watch the steel around the bolts holes. If the gasket is crushed then you can cut into the cover an cause worse leaks. Looks like a good deal even has stick! Now you have to find all the AMX dress up pieces! Stu
I like it to just the way it is.. going to stay stock for as long as it well run.. Which looks like forever....

Thanks again

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The ONLY thing I would change are the wheels (if it were mine) but other then that it is straight rockin'!
Well I took a better look at the motor Saturday and its almost dryed up
no sign of fresh oil on the motor so the valve cover must have been the leak...
and no drips on the under carage

I was looking over the ignition set up and I'll be darn if it isn't set up with Ford parts..
The sylinoid is ford type and ign module on the fender is the Blue tab Motorcraft (Motorcraft is stamped right on it
) tho the dizzy doesn't look like a Duraspark (I didn't open it up) I looks more Mopar on the outside.
Just thought I'd pass it on...
Take Care
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AMC kept prices low and profits up by using a lot of other manufacturers parts. My Mark Donohue Javelin had the same calipers that the Corvette had. I seem to recall the steering was from Saginaw. Now all of this makes parts replaement easier since AMC is gone and Chrysler purged all old AMC parts twice from dealers and warehouses.

Mr. Ed
That was the first car my dad bought my mom new,it was a 1980 Concord DL wagon with red with wood grain siding and tan cloth interior. Nice little car till someone drove down the side of it.
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