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My son Alan was in a wreck in his 65 Falcon, it wasn't bad, but he's getting another ride and I am getting his 65 Falcon. accident damage front 1.jpg

accident damage rear 3.jpg

accident damage side 2.jpg
I have a 70 Maverick that currently has no motor. 70 Maverick front.jpg
We have done a ton of work to the Falcon bored .030 and all new pistons and rings.jpg
block almost ready to go back in.jpg almost everything new.jpg
I will take the built 175 and freshly rebuilt Cruise-o-Matic C4 and install them in the Maverick and run it that way until I purchase and build my 302 and AOD or T-56 setup.
What other stuff can I bolt on the Maverick from the old bird?

Will the Scarebird brakes fit on the Maverick? Scarebird adapters installed.jpg

What about the shocks? 4 new shocks-coil overs in rear.jpg

And the wheels? wheels 5 new 215-70-14 tires.jpg

I know the Falcon is the Maverick's daddy, but what all can I use?
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