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-Or should i buy/make straight axle conversion? Stabilizer bar cost only 40 bucks from Greg Donahue and it also seems like a easy-to-do-by-yourself part.

-Also i would like to know that is PST the only sourse for bigger OD sway bar for ´64 Galaxie? I asked them how much it would cost to ship front end rebuild kit and 1" sway bar to Finland and it they said 250$!!
So,no thanks!

-I´ve found front end kits from Kanter and ESPO also,but they dont have sway bars for ´64.Maybe i should only get the front end kit and try to have the sway bar custom made over here.

-And ESPO sells coil spring from 75$ to 100$ a pair,whats the difference between these two? Small block vs. big block or what?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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