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351 I have a ser man for a 70 Ford truck, it has the wiring diagram for the electronic ign they had in that day, but only a basic one for the reg Ign. system. It has no color code either. Try some Ford dealers with a good parts man mind you I said a good one some still have their manuals on micro fich. These older trucks fed everything off the ign. or run term. of the switch. There should be (I think) a blue wire to the + side of coil. Also the resistor wire should go to this wire at a junctionplug along with a wire from the I term. of the starter switch that gives the coil a full 12 volts when in the start position, then drops back to the resistor wire voltage. You could use a ballast resistor off an early like a 56 Ford or GM car & do away with the resistor wire altogether. Just wire from the run term of ign sw to the res & a wire from I term on on magnetic sw along with wire to coil off the other term of ballast resistor. One 12v wire to resistor & I term wire & coil wire on the other side of resistor. This is the same theory Ford used only it was changed to a wire instead of a resistor. Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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