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Just wondering if it was worth the effort to swap over to 1.7 rockers?

Here is what I have now.....

DSS 331 with main support and 13cc dish for Twisted wedge heads...should be around 8.8 or 9.0 to 1 compression (I plan on getting a SuperCharger later)....

Trick flow Stage 1 cam:
Duration @.050 is 221/225
Cam Lift is 312/319
Lift with 1.6 rockers is 499/510
Lobe Sep is 112

Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Heads (box stock no porting)
BBK 1 5/8 Equal Lenghth Headers
Trick Flow Street EFI Upper and Lower Intake
70mm Throttle Body and EGR Plate
75mm MAF calibrated for 24lb injectors
24lb FMS injectors (blue)
190lph in tank fuel pump (Thanks for all the help from here)
Centreforce dual friction clutch
Stock T5
3.73 Gears in factory (stock) rearend
SFI approved 28oz Romac balancer
SFI approved 28oz Ram Billet Steel Flywheel

Or would the benefit be so small that it is not worth the work?

If it is worth the benefit, what brand would you recommend? I have 3/8 studs now...but could upgrade to 7/16 along with rockers....

Thanks for everyones help here....

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It is already running with the 1.6s and very strong I might add.....I am going for a dyno tune tomorrow and will post results....I guess for now I will leave them as is.....

Thanks for all the replies....

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There was an article a few years back on the subject. They tested combinations of rockers and found that 1.7s on the exhaust with 1.6s on intake did gain some. That makes since because the exhaust side is the restricted side.
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