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Would anyone be interested in a rebuilt 650dp....maybe?

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I placed a bid, on Ebay, on a 650 Holley dp that has been rebuilt with non-stick gaskets, jet extensions and milled choke horn. I then saw a 750dp which was just as nice and bought it outright.
My problem is that I'm still the high bidder on the 650, which doesn't end until Sunday afternoon and I really don't want to either retract my bid, which hurts my ebay reputation or end up paying for two carbs.

If I end up winning this auction, would anyone be interested in buying it for $177 and I'll eat the shipping costs?

I can send the link that has the picture and description of it for anyone that has serious interest in it or you can place your own bid on it if you want.
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I'm not in the market now, BUT!
The mustang I just repaired has an unpaid balance Due on the bill of $177.24 and I just thought that it was an interesting coinkidink!

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If the auction doesn't end until Sunday, you'll probably be outbid (hopefully).

Yeah, I'm hoping somebody pulls one of those last second bids on me.
why don't you ask him to retract your bid?
On 2006-03-09 17:21, mikemustang289 wrote:
why don't you ask him to retract your bid?
I thought about that but doesn't that look bad on your profile?
I don't want that....
No it does not. The seller can cancell your bid and you both get an e-mail stating that the bid was mutually taken away. If he messes up he takes all the bids off but if paying attention it will remove yours only, and there are NO drawbacks to this unless he get's pissed at you.. No biggie there either.

Wouldn't you be pissed if you were the seller and now the $177 you "thought" you had are gone? Think about it...
I have customers aske me quite often to do it, and most of the time it's because they were hunting for one thing and had to have it and got one when he didn't think he was and bid on mine too... No biggie really. If it's worth $180 bucks to one guy then it's worth $150 bucks to another... $30 dollars is not going to bother me, it's better than ZERO bids, and having to pay the listing fees....

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