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Wurth Rack???

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Hey guys here's the deal, I bought a rack last fall and yes it was a pain dealing with this guy, I guess he has serious health problems with both him and his wife, well to make a long story shorter It took about two months more than promised to get the unit. It installed easy but as time went on I had to address some serious problems. First this unit is in my 62 406 car with a TKO five speed. I used Crites headers thinking everything would go under the steering and clear. Drivers side hits the tie rod on number 6 and number four hits the passenger bracket that holds up that end of the unit. I fixed both these problems by turning over the tie rods using a heim joint and bolt instead of the standard Ford tie rod. I had a muffler shop cut and shape header #4 to fit. Now I am dealing with what I term as rotation "flop" at the U joints that connect the rack to the steering, Even using the double Borgenson U joint the angles are steep and bind a little. I am at a loss as how to fix this problem, the rack needs to be rolled a little to ease up on the angles or a new joint . Anybody here have this unit installed and working please sign in and help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later Neil
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Can you take a picture and post it? It's too bad you went to all that work. There is a company that makes a set of headers just for that rack and your engine.
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