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Yahoo IM?

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A friend of mine talked me into downloading Yahoo IM and he and I played on it for about 2 hours today.

It was pretty darn cool for talking about Fords.

Does anyone else use it?
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I use the Yahoo IM all the time, and I love it! What is cool (although I haven't done it yet) is that if you have a microphone on your computer, you can live chat with another Yahoo member...just like a phone call. I have friends overseas, and they do that with other friends here in the US...nice to do instead of springing for a phone card.
I'm not to crazy about the chat rooms that are used on the Yahoo...sometimes there is just too many people in the rooms and it's hard to find a good chat buddy...but once you do, the IM is great..I love it (plus a cam is nice to have too, add that to the microphone and it's a cool way to chat). I know that in the profile section here on FordMuscle, they have a place to put your Yahoo ID for IM as well, so it's almost as easy as contacting them through the long as they are online and signed on.

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Not a big Yahoo fan.. not just their IM client but Yahoo period.

I do use MSN & AIM messengers along with ICQ. ICQ is still the best as far as I'm concerned, it's a shame most people have gone to the others.
You can also use is a program that link AIM, yahoo, ICQ and MSN Im together. So you use 1 program to chat with people from all of the others-at the same time.....
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