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Your own personal parts yard.

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I was driving up and down alleyways today looking for a certain car that was said to be there, so maybe I could scare up a rare part. I never found it. Then I got to thinking; If I had NEVER got rid of any of the cars that I had in my life, what a parts yard I would have. I mean, I would almost want for nothing. My personal parts yard:
*1971 Mercury Montego MX 302/2v
*1974 Ford Tbird 460/2v
*1973 Ford Ltd 400/2v
*1973 Chrysler Cordoba 360 Police/Holley 2v
*1965 Ford Falcon Futura 289/2v
*1970 Chevrolet Camaro 350/2v
*1978 Ford Tbird 351/2v

So many engines, Transmissions, 9" rears, UHHHH !
. To only go back in time. Maybe buy a small piece of property with a fence and just stack em up. "Sigh !!"
I bet some of you would have one hell of a conglomeration when you look back.
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A friend of mine has a parts bank. Meaning he has a yard with 5 acres that you can deposit parts or cars into. No one wants junk in their yards or houses, so they gladly take it to his yard and he stores it for you. He has a log book and he tells you the exact value of the cars or parts that he is storing for you. The value that he assigns is the value that he will give you if you ever want to make a withdrawl from the bank. Meaning, lets say you deposit an old set of steel wheels, he will give you a $20.00 credit for them. If in the future you need the wheels for a project, you can go back to him and get the wheels, or get the credit. He might sell the wheels for $50.00, but he will only give you the $20.00 credit. If he does not have the exact part or one just like it he will give you the credit on something else. It is a cool system that works because he has been operating for 30 years or so. Higher value parts will fetch a higher price, but the prices are always in his favor. Cash very rarely exchanges hands. It is pretty much like how a real bank operates. Now if everyone were to make a run on his bank and demand all their parts at once,..........
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