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Has anyone tried a carbed 80\'s Grand Marquis fuel tank for fit?

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The might have been CFI too. They are really cheap, I found a 20 gal station wagon one new online for $49. The catch is its $79 for shipping, but it opens up some ideas.

If anyone has a '79-'83 Crown Vic or Grand Marquis, could you do some measuring?
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On 2006-04-07 12:11, v8shadow wrote:
Oh boy, ok I have a 79 Grand marquis 351. What measurements do you need. I believe it is 16gal. Better stick to private messages, this isnt really a galaxie thing at all.

Just take some measurments off your 65's tank (width, hieght and length) and then measure your tank (same as 65) on the GM. See if a light turns on in your head.
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For those who are interested (and who's eyes pop out of their sockets after seeing the pic below) it sure looks simular to the 65 tank!

$167 @ Advance Auto Parts.


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On 2006-04-07 18:53, bluelightning302 wrote:
im missing the boat here i think,whats the significance of all this other than making it easier to convert to EFI?
1979 did not have EFI.

And the tank above is for a 2BBL.

Finding a replacment gas tank is not that easy. Very significant if someone tries one on a 65-68.

1965 Galaxie Fastback-351C 2v/C4 with a 3.50 posi

1973 Gran Torino Sport (sold)

2004 Cobra
2004 Marauder

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Our tank is out of our 65. If anyone is interested I can take all measurments needed next weekend if they want? A heads up if you will.

Jeff, The sending unit is off to the side more on the 84 2 door.
Is yours a 4 door?
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On 2006-04-09 20:48, tbirdchick wrote:
I need a bottle of pop, to stretch my legs and use the ladies room anyway...
Whoa Jan! Those sound like interesting trips!!!

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